No Code Maker based in London

I am a young maker learning to test, build and launch digital products with No Code tools. I am halfway through my first #100DaysofNoCode, and have built out a variety of different projects using Glide, Adalo and Bubble. I also curate the fortnightly newsletter 'Black Builder', which has exclusive interviews, articles and no-code tool reviews.

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About This Site

I've used this tidy little Notion site as a good homepage for my online presence. The work I do both online and offline, the things I like and my future plans are all jotted down here. Many thanks to Sam Dickie for this free Notion template, which you can find for yourself here.

Latest Content

Comprehensive list of 'Smoke Test' techniques

A definitive list of modern, alternative 'Smoke Test' techniques to help test early signs of desirability with your target market.

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What I Do